The Spanish Crown Jewels

Throughout history, high jewelry have always been linked to royalty and nobility. So jewelry are an important part of the wealth of the royal houses, and all events, weddings are certainly the perfect showcase to display these pieces of art jewelry.

Tiaras white gold and diamond jewelry are most important to look at these events, and both the Queen of Spain, as the Princesses have looked at the big moments.

The crown and scepter of the Spanish royalty are, today, two exclusive jewelry symbolic, are known as the “crown jewels” that, unlike the English royal family, never used. However, we can often see Doña Sofia wearing tiaras, earrings white gold with diamonds and pearls, bracelets and necklaces high jewelry that in most cases are inherited from previous queens. Many designer jewelry that have been passed from generation to generation, have disappeared because they were auctioned or transformed into other pieces, as was the case with the spectacular tiara of diamonds and pearls that Alfonso XII gave his first wife, Mary of the Mercedes, on the day of your wedding.

By marrying his second wife, Maria Cristina of Hapsburg, new parts arrived at the Palace but surely white gold necklaces with pearls and diamonds were the weakness of the Queen. But of all pearls, a hidden the greatest secret of history. By marrying Alfonso XIII, Victoria Eugenia of Battenberg received a single pearl teardrop pendant set in a white gold and diamond-shaped loop. Pearl was called Pilgrim, found in 1515 in Panama. After a romantic history of purchases and sales, ended in the hands of Philip II, who gave it to his wife Mary Tudor. He went through different queens of Spain to get to Victoria Eugenia. It, gave it to Queen Sofia but today we know that is not true. Since 1969, the real would be Richard Burton bought his wife Elizabeth Taylor, on payment of $ 37,000.

The private collection of high jewelry of Queen Sofia holds other jewelry design were also invaluable in her husband’s grandmother. The more valuable the tiara known as Flor de Lis, Alfonso XIII gave his bride on their wedding day. The monarch commissioned and selected the lilies, the symbol of the royal house of Bourbon. It was made in platinum and diamonds. A game with this tiara, Alfonso XIII buy the famous “necklace chatons.” Over the years, became the most valuable jewel of the Royal Family since King took on every birthday of his wife two more diamond necklace that would lengthen the original. Had a shorter one, which is what Queen Sofia looks for special occasions, made of diamonds and pearls.

But, no doubt, Queen Sofia is a very special exclusive gem, the crown she wore her wedding day. Formed by a large diamond surrounded by Greek motifs, belonged to his grandmother, Victoria Louise of Prussia, and her mother took when she married Paul of Greece.

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